QRVNow.net, an online platform designed specifically for ham radio operators / SWL to effortlessly share their current frequency with fellow enthusiasts. QRVNow.net is engineered to facilitate seamless real-time frequency sharing, promoting collaboration and engagement within the ham radio community like never before.

How Does QRVNow.net Work?

QRVNow.net operates on a straightforward premise: sharing current frequency information through a map-based interface. Ham radio operators can easily update their current frequency using our API, enabling integration with various radio equipment.When users power on their radios, their devices automatically receive and forward data to our API. This data is then displayed on our map, allowing other operators to view active frequencies in real time. Whether you're looking to connect locally or globally, QRVNow.net ensures you're always in sync with fellow operators.

API Integration and Open Source Client

QRVNow.net offers an API for seamless integration into third-party applications. With a single POST request, developers can enable automatic frequency uploading, enhancing the accessibility and utility of our platform.We also provide an open-source client for Linux, leveraging the Hamlib library for compatibility with a wide range of radios. This client supports virtually any ham radio operator's setup, and developers are encouraged to create their own clients using our API.

client can be downloaded from: https://ftp.oh2gba.eu/QRVNow/

To find your latitude and longitude visit: https://www.latlong.net/

Accessing the API

Accessing our API is straightforward. Simply email qrvnow@oh2gba.eu with your call sign to request an API key. While only your call sign is required, each request undergoes manual review to prevent spam and abuse. Once approved, you'll receive your unique API key, granting you access to our API for seamless integration with your applications.

API Documentation for QRVNow.net

The QRVNow.net API is a straightforward tool designed to facilitate real-time frequency sharing for ham radio operators. Below is the documentation outlining the API endpoint and the single POST request it supports.


The API endpoint for QRVNow.net is located at: https://api.qrvnow.net/v1/

Request Method

The API supports only one request method: POST.

Request Payload

The POST request requires the following parameters to be included in the payload:freq:
- The frequency in MHz as represented as a float.
- callsign: The callsign associated with the API key as string.
- lat: The latitude in decimal format, represented as a float
- lon: The longitude in decimal format, represented as a float

Request Payload

  "freq": 14.195,
  "callsign": "YOUR_CALLSIGN",

Request Payload

The POST request should include the following headers:
  Content-Type: Set to application/json.
  X-API-Key: "API_KEY"


Upon successful submission of the POST request, the API will return an appropriate response. 

CURL example

curl -X POST \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"freq": "14.195", "callsign": "OH2GBA", "lat": "60.1", "lon": "24.0"}' \